Vagabonds Podcast

We are vagabonds. We are wanderers. Our Journey is about regenerating our relationships with the Planet, Others and Self.Always looking to create positive impact with our lives and work. Regenerative projects, in beautiful corners of the world, with people we love and admire.Always prioritizing our wellbeing, our mental and spiritual health. We know that if we want to support our planet and others we must do it from a place of peace and rest.

We are in a search for people that shares those values. People that are regenerating themselves, others and the planet using the tools and skills they have at hand.
To inspire you to do the same.
To become a Vagabond.

Join us on this incredible expedition to inspire and be inspired. Let us become a collective force of Vagabonds, unleashing our potential and spreading waves of positive change far and wide.  

Hosted by Karla Cordoba

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