We envision a world where humanity is intricately interconnected to self, each other and the natural environment working in harmony to regenerate and build more just and equitable societies.
At the heart of our purpose, we strive to empower and amplify the creative expression of regenerative stories across form and medium. Our mission is to ignite profound inspiration within our communities, transforming them into active architects of a world that resonates with the potential we envision in our hearts. Together, we forge a path that celebrates regeneration and embraces its endless possibilities. Through the alchemy of creativity, we awaken the dormant potential in each individual, inviting them to co-create a future that transcends boundaries and redefines what is possible.
We believe in the regenerative capacity of nature and humanity, and we strive to create initiatives that contribute to the restoration and flourishing of the planet and its inhabitants.
We foster deep connections between individuals, communities, and nature. We value empathy, active listening, and collaboration as essential elements of building harmonious relationships.
We believe in the power of art, storytelling, and creativity to inspire positive change. We aim to create and share stories, art, and experiences that ignite imagination, hope, and action.
We embrace diversity and inclusivity, celebrating the uniqueness and worth of every individual. We create spaces where everyone is welcome, and no one is left behind.
Love and Compassion:
Love and compassion are at the heart of our values. We believe in spreading love, kindness, and understanding, creating a culture of care and support.
Joy and Celebration:
We celebrate life, beauty, and the transformative power of joy. We strive to create an environment where happiness, laughter, and celebration are embraced and cherished.

Lee Rael

Lee is a seasoned creative director with 20+ years experience majority of which has been in climate, sustainability and impact working with global organisations.

He is a serial entrepreneur, podcaster, artist and has the single minded focus of using his skills to be of service and find the biggest levers in moving us towards a regenerative society.

Greg Schneider

Greg, a dynamic entrepreneur, boasts a wealth of experience in founding successful ventures across diverse industries, spanning from big data and AI to real estate, marketing consulting, and fintech.

In recent years, he has redirected his efforts towards establishing businesses that make a meaningful impact, notably by contributing to the financing of affordable student loans and housing initiatives.

John Ellison

John Ellison is a serial social entrepreneur with 16 years building ventures around the world.

He’s also a podcaster who has reached over 60k listeners.

Having supported 300 founders at ReFi DAO, John’s turning his attention to support a network of storytellers to share the mission and vision of regeneration.

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