Our Voices
We love our podcast hosts. We are all 100% aligned on the mission to help bring about a regenerative culture buy having the important conversations and learning from each other. We are like a happy family.

John Ellison

John Ellison is a serial social entrepreneur with 16 years building ventures around the world. He’s also a podcaster who has reached over 60k listeners. Having supported 300 founders at ReFi DAO, John’s turning his attention to support a network of storytellers to share the mission and vision of regeneration.

Chad Frischmann

Chad Frischmann is the CEO and Founder of Regenerative Intelligence (RegenIntel), a global ecosystem superpowered by a network of world class system thinkers and doers creating a virtuous cycle of collaborative intelligence, we enable the effective implementation of the highest impact ‘system of solutions’ for the planet and for people at scale.

Karla Cordoba

Karla Córdoba Brenes is a passionate advocate for sustainability, innovation, and the transformative power of new types of money and organizations. She is a co-founder of Cambiatus, an open-source platform that empowers the creation of complementary currencies and collaborative businesses. Cambiatus provides tools for governance, decision-making, and innovative economic incentives using blockchain technology, reflecting Karla's deep interest in exponential tech.

Rica Amaral

Rica is an innovative strategist and entrepreneur deeply engaged in regenerative impact, futures thinking, and Web3. He holds a Master's in Design for Social Impact and is an On Purpose Fellow. Co-founding PositiveBlockchain.io and ReFi Lisboa, Rica has been in the ReFi and Web3 sectors since 2018. With over ten years of experience, he has been working in climate tech, NFTs for impact, and decentralized science and art. In Berlin, he co-founded startups blending art, events, and technology, showcasing his diverse interests. Rica also served as an ambassador for Celo, furthering his commitment to using technology for social good. His work includes developing innovative programs and workshops for Climate-KIC, SINGA, and the House of Beautiful Business, underlining his dedication to driving societal and environmental transformation through emerging technologies.

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