Lets do this together
We have the audacious goal of creating a global network of regenerative storytellers and the platforms who will help share these stories with the world. But we can’t do it alone. By embracing the regenerative principle of community we invite you to join us on this journey if you feel called.
How can you get involved?
Of course you want to join a movement of people regenerating the earth but lets look at how yo can do that.
Do you have content you want to be seen?
We understand that creating the content is only half the work. Getting it seen by as many people as possible is the real challenge in todays world where we have an over supply of content that serves to distract and keep people asleep. Join us and together lets expand your reach.
Do you have a platform and audience?
Keeping your audience engaged with high quality, relevant content is no small task. With our content creators we can supply you with a steady stream of great content that you don’t have to create yourself and get paid to display it on your platform. Lets setup a meeting to discuss the details.
Want to be part of something special?
We know we need to change the narrative and provide people with stories of hope and solutions so that we can start to see a world that we can get excited about. We will be rolling out community features a bit further down the road but why not sign up now and be a founding member when we launch.
We are Source
We are looking for partners to help us tell these important stories. Do you want to help craft a narrative of regeneration?
Do you and your organisation want to associate yourselves with the leading thinkers in the regenerative space? Get in touch and lets build a better world together.

Sponsor an episode

Each episode sponsorship includes: A mention in the intro, your logo on all social posts(6) and artwork, your logo in our newsletter.

Sponsor a season

Season sponsorship includes: All of the above for each episode, you logo on our website, your logo in the Youtube edit for each episode.

Support the studio

As a fledgling studio we are looking for additional grant funding to help us build out our offering, produce some kick ass content and grow our audience. Be part of our journey.

Find out more

Looking for more detail? We would be happy to share the details with you on a call. Get in touch and lets schedule something so we can answer all your questions and give you the full run down. We look forward to hearing from you.

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