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The Plan

If you have read my previous posts you should by now have a sense of what we are building. But for those that havent let me catch you up quickly. We are building a content distribution platform that will take multimedia content from many sources globally and amplify its reach and exposure by pushing the content out to our partners.

For us the type of content we distribute is of the highest importance. Our objective is to help shift the narrative buy exposing people to content that is solutions focused and provides some sense of hope. Telling people constantly that we are heading for a 3 Degree world and mass destruction and pain gets to a point where its not useful anymore, quite the opposite. If people believe there is no future to fight for they give up before trying.

Our plan is to tackle this sector by sector. These include: Energy, Food, Circularity, Technology, Building and Construction, Transport, Travel, Wellbeing, Social Justice, Indigenous Wisdom, Leadership, Water, Conservation, Nonprofits and more. In each sector we will find the startups, innovators, leaders, content creators, non-profits and solutions implementors and distribute their content to partner websites, communities and platforms that have audiences aligned with this content.

In order to test that our product does what we think it will, that the sector approach is the right one and that our business model is a viable one we aim to run at least 2 pilots when we launch our MVP. The sectors we are running the pilots in are ReFi (Regenerative Finance) and Regenerative Agriculture. We have chosen these sectors because we have deep connections or partners with deep connections in the right spaces so that we can at least start with warm introductions.

At the same time we have launched a waitlist to start building interest and a community around  our offering. We have got a very positive response so far with submissions coming in every day now. I am responding manually to each one myself so if you have joined the waitlist you can expect a personal email from me as soon as I can get to you.

97% of all Indigenous peoples on our planet have been destroyed. The remaining 3% are stewards for something like 80% of the remaining wild spaces we have on our planet. I strongly believe that the wisdom they carry is something we need to pay close attention to if we are to find a new way of being on this world that is regenerative in nature. For this reason we have decided that all content that comes from an Indigenous culture will be free on our platform forever.

Our pricing model will also take into account location and organization type, with global South being charged 50% of global north and Non -profits a further 50% reduction. While we aim to be a self sustaining business, our primary goal is impact.

As we prepare to look for funding to bring all of this into reality its a difficult line to navigate. Traditional funding sources either give grants to non-profits or fund for profit entities, straddling the 2 worlds for maximum impact and self sustainability is a dance I am just starting to learn.

If you have read this and have any feedback, thoughts or ideas I am always open to hearing from the diverse community around me. I know we can only succeed by doing this with the help of others. If you feel called to help, please reach out.

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