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Open source podcast resources: 1 - Questions before you start

Over the next few months we are going to be releasing a stack of free podcasting resources from our recommendations on gear and software to the usage of AI and the production work flow templates that we use at Source.

We want to empower as many creators as possible to use their voice, tell their story and get them out to the world. We also want to build a community of like minded people who are working to build regenerative systems for the benefit of humanity. If you find yourself using and gaining value from the resources we put out there please join our mailing list, its free and we promise not to spam you.

Before starting down the road of podcasting its important to think a few things through. Podcasting is a big commitment and the more alignment you have on what you are trying to say and your reasons for doing it the better chance you have of hanging in there when things get tough, because they will.

Here are a few questions we like to ask upfront when producing a podcast:

  • Why are you doing a podcast?
  • What is the general aim of the podcast?
  • What is the theme or intention for this season? (even if your first)
  • What do we want for the listeners?
  • What do we want for the guests?
  • What makes a good podcast for you?
  • What makes a good podcast host?
  • What part of the podcast process most excites you?
  • What part of the podcast process most scares you?
  • Do you have someone who can give you honest objective feedback?
  • What processes can you put in place so that you are always getting better?

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